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Funeral program samples

Posted by admin in February 9, 2015

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Thememorybookshop Get the best sample funeral program for template with good design and layout simple theme funeral program templates, simple funeral program, templates simple funeral program, memorial simple templates

Personalized Christmas Holiday Memorial Gifts, Memorial Gifts

Posted by admin in December 6, 2014

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Christmas Gifts – christmas gifts certificate template find unique christmas gifts ideas, christmas cards bookmarks free christmas gifts theme templates, christmas card templates, christmas crafts, homemade christmas, christmas gifts for men, women and kids at thememorybookshop


christmas memorial bookmarkschristmas-memorial-bookmarks-0002


Christmas Cards Christmas AnnouncementsChristmas Gifts Christmas Cards thememorybookshop

Template For A Funeral Program

Posted by admin in October 14, 2014

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Free Funeral Program Templates, Template For A Funeral Program Personalized Funeral Programs
Funeral programs are held in order to give mourners details about the funeral services so that they can pay tribute to some of the deceased’s accomplishments. These days with the much software designed to allow customization of funeral stationery, the Funeral programs can now be meaningful mementos, as well.

Nowadays, the trend is on towards personalization in all details of the different types of services offered by the funeral directors, an item as essential as the funeral program is also not an exception. The funeral program is the final opportunity which the deceased’s families have in order to express their thoughts about their loved one’s life. It gives the family more room to display the favorite photos and add quotes, poems, and verses.

A funeral program can be designed in many different ways. It is made in a single sheet of card stock folded in half. It provides space for a photo in the front, the urgent details of the service on the inside. On the back there is a brief detail regarding the life of the deceased. This style is known as a bi-fold which allows you to insert more pages in a book-like fashion, so that more photos, readings and quotes can be added in the funeral service information.

In the tri-fold a longer piece of card stock is used. It is folded in a manner as the name says that is in three folds. Here the creator can separate information into six different sections. These sections are useful if the client wants to add a photo collage on one panel, a poem on the second, a life tribute to a third, and likewise. This can also be folded as a bi-fold. However, it allows several inches on the back edge to fold to the inside thereby forming an eye-catching area where a solid range of colors highlights a quote or a photo. This portion is only visible when the program is opened.

The software chosen by you as well as the many folding options should be able to give you a wide selection of themes. The theme printed on the funeral program should be able to coordinate with the rest of the funeral stationery. You can also include occupations, interests and hobbies are all possibilities as themes, which all go together in adding another personal touch to this final tribute. On adding the deceased’s name, photo, personal quotes, favorite poem or song lyrics and minute details of the deceased’s life, the program becomes a memento and a keepsake for those who were invited and a thoughtful way to include those who weren’t able to attend.

You can visit the World Wide Web which is an ideal place to learn the nuances of funeral programs and software. This virtual world gives you the ease of creating and developing a high performing and reliable technology for the death care industry. It also provides for an awesome place for funeral keepsakes and holiday remembrance ornaments.
You can now download all funeral programs templates from one of the best online store thememorybookshop. Download Funeral Programs Templates.

Easy Funeral Program Template for Microsoft Word Free

Posted by admin in October 11, 2014

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Easy Funeral Program Template How to Create a Custom Funeral Program Book

Whenever we attend any Funeral, the first thing we notice is the Funeral Book or The Funeral Resister Book. It is because of this book that the people who come to the Funeral sign their names and pen their thoughts in memory of the departed one.

Previously, these books we just like ordinary books. However, with the passage of times it has come through with changes. Now, you can even order for a custom made Funeral Book. This Book served the purpose of an attendance register. The family of the deceased would get to know the various mourners who were with them in their hour of grief.

While creating a funeral book, the most important aspect of the book is its writing. For this, you can take the help of the people who will be attending the funeral by interviewing them. It is these invitees who will be able to provide you memories of the deceased.

In creating a funeral book organization is another important aspect. Every details which has to go in the book should be written down and numbered serially as these books are mementos to be given away to the invitees.
The next important step in the creation of a funeral book is its binding. A hard cover is the best option.
According to the family of the deceased, the memory book needs to be designed and printed in large numbers.
This could be time consuming. However, if this aspect of the funeral is taken care of by experts such as The memory bookshop Site, it will not be at all time consuming. With their help and advice you can have a custom funeral book ready in a short period of time.

In the Modern World, it is becoming a trend to circulate the funeral memory booklet to those people who have attended the funeral. This booklet serves as a memoir in memory of the dear departed one.
This mini booklet is taken by the people who had attended the funeral and kept in a safe place to read whenever required especially on the death anniversary.

Nowadays, the Funeral Books are more than just a mere signature book. The modern trend has shifted to the personalization of every aspect of a Funeral. The Funeral Book has ultimately become a keepsake to the family of the deceased.

These books are now a memento to the family of the deceased in their hour of grief. Customization of the funeral book starts from the cover, style of the book in order to include a favorite photo. The family can also include the following: the inner pages where the mourners can write a personal condolence message. The family can also include additional pages for inserting a favorite poem, photograph with a caption, lyrics or maybe even a song. Each such piece will become a special keepsake for ages to come.

Free Printable Funeral Program Template, Funeral Program Samples

Posted by admin in October 10, 2014

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Create a Free Custom Printable Funeral Programs Online, free printable funeral program template #thememorybookshop Funeral Program Samples

A funeral prayer card is an innovative and excellent way of furthering remembrance for your loved one. What is a prayer card? Personalized Prayer Cards contain a specific type of prayer with a picture of the deceased on the front of the card, thereby having printing on both sides.



Funeral Announcements Fishing 0002


Funeral Prayer Cards (Small) Fishing #0002 	 Funeral Prayer Cards (Small) Fishing 0002

Funeral Prayer Cards (Large) Fishing 0002




Free Printable Funeral Programs Template for Word

Posted by admin in September 18, 2014

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If you are able to find a total solutions partner for your funeral programs template is the key to putting this plan into motion. If your funeral template website is able to partner with a professional company that has experience with the funeral industry and website designs and all the other vital components can help set your funeral home website apart from the competitors down the street.

You can now download all funeral programs templates from one of the best online store. Free Download Funeral Programs Templates. He also writes and publishes a wide range of article on Prayer Cards and all other funeral related templates.







Cherish the Memories this Memorial Day!

Posted by admin in May 8, 2014

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Cherish the Memories this Memorial Day!
Remember Those We Have Lost
Photo Booklets Memorial Day Announcements01 Bookmarks PrayerCard
Photo Booklets Memorial Day Announcements Bookmarks Prayer Cards
We celebrate Memorial Day in honor of the brave soldiers we have lost serving their country in the military. This day is set aside to celebrate and honor them and the best way you can do so is with a Memory Photo Booklet. You can customize each memory template and add as many photos and text as you like. This is a great gift to share with your family to commemorate the brave soldier.
For those of you visiting memorials and cemeteries on this day, hanging a Memorial Bookmark with your loved one’s image and favorite poem, song, scripture or short bio is ideal. I would also recommend laminating them so they last longer in outside conditions.
Hosting an event, picnic, or family gathering to commemorate this special occasion? Then inviting your guests with a commemorative photo of your loved using our Event Announcements is a nice addition. Also hosting any Memorial Day services at church, in school, or at military bases would benefit from having a Memorial Program and maybe a Prayer Card to give away as tokens in memory of those who have fought for our country.
To find the best Memorial Day theme you like , search for ‘Military’.


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, These Make Great Mother’s Day Gifts!

Posted by admin in May 8, 2014

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The Perfect Gift for Moms everywhere!

Searching for last minute mother’s day gifts can be a hassle, so look no further, we have the perfect solution for you. We have something your mother will enjoy for years to come and the best part about it is that they are only $24.95. Try to beat this!  These make the best gifts ever, I did it a few years ago for my mom and she still reminds me of how great it looked. Thanks Memory Book!

Memory Photo Books Our Large 11 x 17 Tabloid Memory Books are great for any occasion but especially for Mother’s Day so you can enjoy throwback photos of her, you, your family and friends. Whether your mom has passed or is still alive, this is a great way to remember your mom for years to come. Just imagine you and her sitting down with a cup of your favorite beverage, flicking through old photos that she had forgot about, laughing and remembering the good times. It’s a moment you will never forget! Download your template today for instant download just in time for Mother’s Day this Sunday!

Need Memory Book Ideas? Or still not convinced these will make great gifts?  You have the ability to customize these high quality premium books with all of your photos in full color on every page. You also have the ease of adding as many pages as you like for no extra cost because our booklets expand easily with Microsoft Word.  And these templates are easy to edit all text and photos.

Also, if you would like other content to go inside your photo books, we recommend adding scriptures or poems to go inside your memory book to honor your mom, please check these out, click here.  Here are some great themes to get you started that your moms will love:  Floral, Spiritual, Simple , or  Texture. Also, compliment your memory photo book with a bookmark of that same theme if your mother loves to read or if she is like my mom and likes to hang these on her mirror and in her car for all to see.

High quality funeral program templates Funeral Booklet

Posted by admin in March 2, 2013

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Funeral Service is a very important occasion for any family so it is very crucial to have a nice funeral program. For that it is very important to plan the funeral program nicely. Now the questions arises that what includes a good program design? Here the three basic things which enables a well formatted and properly designed template that attract all the buyers. It high quality template can be used in any type of ceremony program.

You have to choose such a funeral program template that is of high quality, means it should be 300 DPI which is fit for professional or commercial printing press. You should always look for a template that can be printed both in your personal printer and well as in high quality of professional printers. The design you choose must have a front, back and one inside page. You should look for a back design that has a nice design theme which makes it look professional in appearance.

Also you have to be sure that you download such a template that is available in multiple formats like

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Publisher &
  • Apple iWork Pages etc

The reason behind this is that printer might not have the same format as you download for funeral template. Also, if in case you want to use another application on the process, you may always have the option to switch the templates. If you will follow these basic guidelines, then you may easily find the best deal to purchase and then create wonderful service program.

There are many options available online from where you may choose to buy the best funeral template by wisely following the above given key points.  You have to be double sure that the template which you are going to buy will work well and will not create troubles during the funeral planning process. Funerals are time sensitive and it would be great if one can avoid all types of delay. You may easily find amazing funeral poems and templates on any of the funeral program website. Such websites have solid reputation of their designing quality program template which are compatible to MS Word, MS Publisher and Apple iWork Pages.

Apart from these templates, few more things are give more importance, like:

  • Funeral Booklet – It is distributed among the funeral program attendee and contains details of the deceased person and photograph.
  • Memory Book – Memory books are given to the guests as a token of remembrance for the person who departed.
  • Funeral Prayer CardsThese cards are dispersed among the guests and contain favorite prayer of that person of one side and photograph at the second side.
  • Funeral Invitation CardsInvitations cards are formal invitation to the funeral ceremony
  • Funeral Announcement Cards – Announcement cards are for formal announcement to the people and relatives of the person.

Funeral Service Program Template Word, Order of Service Templates

Posted by admin in February 28, 2013

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Nobody ever wishes to host or visit a funeral program, but one cannot always do what he wishes and at times circumstances makes the thing to happen of their own. Losing some one, either relatives or close friends, is an incomparable loss which is very emotional and stressful experience. And at the same time the host has to make arrangements for funeral program which is quite awkward. To help the cause, there are some companies who arrange funeral programs on behalf host and they help those bereaved people by assisting and arranging funeral programs.

Whether you are pre-planning your funeral or arranging it for someone very close or just supporting for funeral at your friend’s house, it is a quite tough task. But thanks to these funeral service providers who arrange funeral programs for you very effectively. They are very experienced and thus they guide you the whole process. Information technology has made the things easier as you may search anything you need, online.

Funeral Planning is not less tiring then a marriage planning, where you have to make sure that everything is arranged properly and guests are being taken care of. Also you may take help of many service providers online who not only providing the services of funeral program printing but also take the burden of delivering the invitation cards to the guests who are to be invited. When you are planning of a grand funeral then you cannot ignore the use of different memorial goods like

ü  Funeral Prayer cards

Cards which are distributed among the attendee and have favorite prayer and photograph of the person who departed

ü  Funeral Booklets

These funeral booklets are also distributed among the guests as a token of remembrance.

ü  Memory Book

Memory books are printed in the memory of the person departed and it contains information, photographs and life history of that person. You may use any of the above funeral memorial goods to be given to the guests and kept by them as a remembrance souvenir.

Most of the people nowadays hire funeral service provide to take care of the every minute detail as the family which lost a dear member of the family is not in a condition to take care of everything. Family members suffer from intense emotional loss and also remain involved with people coming and calling to give sympathy. So that is why it is always recommended to hire professional funeral service provider who may take care of everything.

The funeral program is considered to be the last farewell of the person and that is why families make grand arrangements to say the departed person a grand good bye. So people should always pre-plan the funeral program to make the best arrangements possible.